Welcome to Pepe Skull Yacht Club.

This lite paper outlines a comprehensive strategy that combines NFT sales, token launches and web3 game development to establish a sustainable ecosystem. We are a group of based degens brought together by misfortune in the space. We have decided it's time to change the game and build something real. We believe that the tools both crypto and nft’s provide can help people and empower both individuals and communities to enrich their lives and follow their dreams with more than just money. Unfortunately there are too many bad actors in the space abusing web3 turning the space into a casino instead of the medium it can be.
It's time to change that.


Our mission is to make something truly special and lasting in this space. Something holders can be proud of to be a part of, but also a medium for them to contribute using their own skills and passion. What would be more awesome then to use your passion or talent for a community that truly appreciates it and contributes to its growth.

Maybe you make custom clothes or maybe you're an artist, maybe you're an event planner. By being part of PSYC we can help you bring your talents to a bigger audience while giving you a medium to show your skills.


The name of our token will be Pepe Skull Yacht Club.
The ticker will be PSYC.
We have designed tokenomics in both our token and NFT’s to boost each other and perpetuate the growth of our ecosystem.

We have added a buyback and burn feature to the NFT’s creating a deflationary token which makes the token more attractive raising the floor creating more development funds for the NFT’s.
The development tax will be used for utilities for the nft’s, the marketing tax will of course be used to bring our ecosystem to a bigger audience.

Circulating supply

Buy/sell tax





We have a collection of 1337 unique NFT’s.
Our NFT’s will mint for 0.05 ETH.

The royalties for the NFT’s will be 4%.
2% going directly to a buyback and burn wallet.
2% going back to the team.

Utility development

Buyback & burn wallet for the token




Phase 1: NFT Sale and Initial Community Building**

- Initial NFT sale with tiered pricing for early adopters.
- Launch PSYC token
- Organize giveaways, contests, and interactive events to reward early supporters and foster a sense of ownership and excitement.
- Leverage social media platforms and Discord to build an active and engaged community around your project.
- Launch a joyful collection of 1337 unique NFTs.
- Work on partnerships to bring more value to the ecosystem.

Phase 2: Utility.
Game Design and Development.

- Work closely with our own game developers to design and develop an immersive and engaging gaming experience that incorporates the NFT collection.
- Create unique in-game items, characters, or features that can be unlocked or traded using NFTs.
- Playtesting and Iteration.

Real life events and merch.
- Have custom unique merch linked to your NFT.
- Access to exclusive events just for NFT holders.

Phase 3: Game Launch and Integration with NFTs**

- Officially launch the game. (browser-game)
- Integrate the NFT collection into the game, allowing players to showcase their owned NFTs and unlock special in-game benefits.
- Design an attractive and sustainable tokenomics model that rewards long-term holders and incentivizes participation in the game ecosystem.

Phase 4:

- Reveal surprise utility.

Roadmap will be updated when milestones are completed or new opportunities emerge.


This white paper serves as a general guide and should be tailored to specific project requirements. Additionally, legal and regulatory considerations should be thoroughly assessed and adhered to during the execution of any project.